MADE, a story of the Midwest MOBB

MADE Urban Apparel, commonly referred to as the MADE MOBB, is a streetwear brand birthed in the heart of the Midwest. I know what you’re thinking. “Streetwear, isn’t that a coastal thing?” The easy response is, not anymore. Much of what people may know about streetwear is what is coming out of New York, with brands like Supreme and Staple, or in LA, with brands like The Hundreds, Diamond Supply Co., and newcomers like Fear of God by designer Jerry Lorenzo. But what about the midwest? What does that look like? How do those guys interpret streetwear? Ultimately, it’s an undefined territory. "STREETWEAR IS ABOUT CULTURE. IT'S NOT ABOUT CLOTHING."BOBBY HUNDREDS What values define the Midwest culture? Hard work, craftsmanship,...

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